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Cyber Awareness Training
19th April 2017
Even with the best security software that your IT budget permits your office network will be penetrated. One click of a rogue email by an employee to infect one or more workstation, allow hackers in, cause a data breach or even a cyber ransom.

To help address this security gap The Bureau has launched a Cyber Awareness training course for its clients. These are run for organisations who have already suffered a ransomware attack who want to encourage greater awareness in their staff, and others who have yet to experience an attack and are planning for the worst.

The course delivery depends on whether you are pre or post incident but addresses the same fundamentals. An absence of techno-babble and the inevitable acronyms that baffle all of us adds impact whilst the wealth of statistics and high quality materials give a real appreciation of the subject.

Topics analysed include definitions of threats, vulnerabilities, risks and assets whilst reviewing the many steps organisations can take to address them. Social engineering receives plenty of attention with discussions about the pre-requisites, reconnaissance, types of attacks and avoidance methods, cues and detection as well as the myths and misconceptions.

Commenting on their Cyber Awareness course, Alastair Murray, director at the Bureau said… “Security awareness training for employees is the most under-valued service in the cyber security sector yet is the one that will do the most to defend an organisation against a cyber-attack. There is evidence to show that booking employees onto a Cyber Awareness course boosts their confidence and empowers them to play a vital role in their organisation’s cyber security and become its human firewall”.

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Cyber Awareness Training
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