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Your business will be hacked. Are you prepared for it?
26th July 2017
It does not matter what your business is called or what it does. Cyber criminals have long lists of IP addresses that they target in batches. They don’t know from the IP who you are or what you do but if you are on the list you will receive a phishing or ransomware email scam.

If you are prepared a cyber-attack will more than likely fail. If your IT systems have strong firewalls, clever user logins, encrypted data, a tight cyber-security regime, and you have trained your staff to use the office technology safely, the cyber criminals will struggle.

If you are interested in preparing your business to meet and deal with a cyber-attack, visit the Cyber Aware Website at you can read and download a wealth of information on cyber security including the Government backed Cyber Essentials security template. The Website will allow you to apply for the Cyber Essentials Accreditation.

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