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Cyber Security – Keeping Your Eye On The Ball
14th September 2017
Since cyber-crime is still evolving the techniques being used by the cyber criminals continue to develop making the task of mitigating the threats and our vulnerabilities an uphill struggle, resulting in some attacks slipping through a firm's usual cyber defences. Whilst those responsible for their firm's IT security are busy dealing with the current threats it is all too easy to miss the new and emerging ones, forcing them to always play catch-up.

The software and hardware weaponry now on offer to combat cyber-crime is impressive and becoming increasingly effective. If you have the budget for this and the skills to learn how to use it. This should not be under-estimated; it is a real problem. SME businesses today are so busy that cyber and data security can easily be pushed to the back of the queue.

The Bureau firmly believes that staff training through cyber security workshops and classroom style courses is the most effective weapon to mitigate daily cyber-crime threats. It is a long term and lasting solution with many real business advantages, not least keeping your firm safe and successful.

Keeping your eye on the ball in the months ahead is going to be important and those who do will feel the benefit. 

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