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Expanding Your Online Presence
12th November 2017
At a time when most firms are keen to secure that elusive first page listing on Google, Bing and the others, The Bureau’s Insurance Broker Directory at is a good place to start.

Already with a strong online presence of its own, the broker directory gives the firms already listed a regular appearance on the first page. Having a listing at the directory, which is free by the way, gives that firm several other ways to be found online. By location, by insurance type, by name and simply by being a broker or IFA on The Insurance Broker Directory.

There are about 450 firms listed currently, mainly clients of The Bureau, but any FCA regulated firm can add their firm’s name, address, contact, insurance lines, logo and Google map simply by completed a short online form.

Search engine optimisation services promising first page appearances routinely fall short.  If you are an insurance broker or an IFA a free listing at The Insurance Broker Directory is likely to give you some certainty.

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