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Good Content is the Key to Success
1st September 2011
At a time when social media has dominated marketing headlines, a growing number of marketers are going back to good old fashioned content, albeit with a comptemporay slant. In the mad rush to social media, one cannot help thinking that some marketers lost some of their good sense.

Social Media gives us a platform on which to offer marketing information and debates, but it is what you actually put there that counts. Not all the marketing messages being published to social media is particularly useful and will therefore almost certainly backfire.

Taking a tick-list approach to marketing is a poor way to promote and so now that the novelty of social media is beginning wear-off, it seems that a greater focus on content is returning. It is the content of your Website, your App, your Blog and your social media marketing pages that will determine whether your target audience remains enaged and returning for more.

As has been said before good content comes in all sorts of shapes and often in small sizes, so the amount of content is not always important it is its style and appeal that counts. Regular snippets of useful unbiased information goes a lot further than occasional hefty tomes of sales talk.

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