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QR codes to become part of the Marketing Mix
10th January 2012
QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are not exactly new but their significance is growing as the use of smart phones continues to expand. Like a bar code a QR code can be scanned to give key information. Each is a 2D matrix barcode that can be used to redirect your business customers to a mobile-optimised Website.

In an age when everything is being designed to be simple and convenient, the role of QR codes is becoming an important part of the marketing mix. They are becoming a popular way to deliver key information to customers without the need for lots of typing.

Of course users need to be encouraged to download a QR reader App or software pack so they can scan these QR codes, although in time such key software will come as standard with new phones. A search of an App store will locate a range of such readers, most of which are free.

Once an audience has the QR reader software it is easy to provide additional features such as discounts or special offers to build customer loyalty and renewal retention. Some hotel groups already do this for their business customers by allowing company employees travelling on business to check-in, check-out, access their rooms, book Internet services and conferencing through the use of QR codes . All the charges are then passed directly to the employer who has instant online access to their employees' expenses.

As the number of smart phone users grows so will the use of new features like QR codes, which in turn will encourage the development of mobile optimised Websites pages.

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