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The Business of Optimisation
17th February 2012
Website Optimisation is big business today with more companies now allocating an annual budget to secure a top search listing at Google and the other major search engines in the hope of drawing-in more enquiries and business.

The insurance sector too is joining-in as the realisation that for most insurance lines a good search engine listing is now a serious business objective.

With the rising number of companies chasing top slot positions search engine optimisation is becoming more sophisticated, requiring a well coordinated SEO campaign. Unless you are lucky enough to have a very specialised product or service, securing a first page listing position will be a struggle.

Whilst there are still providers promising these first page listings, one has to wonder for what. It is easy to grab a first page slot for something nobody asks for. On the other hand there is probably no point in going after something that everyone else is after.

Finding out what your target audience is actually asking for should be your starting point. Without first knowing this your optimisation campaign could end-up being a waste of time and money.

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