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Add Video To Your Marketing Strategy
7th August 2018
Video promotion is more popular than ever. Recent research shows that 61% of business now use video in one form or another to promote themselves, typically on their Websites and sometimes linked to e-marketing campaigns.

Google certainly has a soft spot for video and always rewards Websites that use it. In fact, it is said that sites with video are 53 times more likely to secure a first page listing on Google. Customers also like seeing videos and just under 80% said that they would prefer to learn about a product or service by watching a video than reading about

Marketing managers, 52% of them, now say that video delivers the best return on investment. It is said that the average Web user spends 88% more time on sites with video content, with most saying that it gives them exactly what they want in a convenient way. Video ‘Story telling’ is a highly effective way to motivate your audience and build relationships. When done well, video can tell a very accurate story about your products and services in a way that no number of written words can do.

There is no doubt that video is a powerful marketing tool that grabs and holds onto the attention of target audiences, with those sites with video content being visited more often and for longer. Most site visitors will watch a video all the way through, so learn more about the business, its products and services to encourage them to visit more pages as a result.

Web text content remains crucial, but the trend is towards less and less of it, with ‘Read More’ links instead. Videos are easy to pay attention to and tell your target audience a lot about what you do and why they need to contact you, in less than a minute.

There is no doubt that audiences like videos because they are interesting, exciting and more engaging to watch. The Bureau strongly recommends the use of video as part of a marketing strategy.   

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Add Video To Your Marketing Strategy
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