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Cyber Security - simple steps
14th August 2017
Twenty or so years ago most employees did not have a computer on their desk and they certainly did not have a mobile phone. Today both are the norm offering us all the ability to communicate with our work colleagues down the corridor to a client on the other side of the World. Until recently this amazing power has had few restrictions leaving employees to their own devices, so to speak.... read more>>

Your business will be hacked. Are you prepared for it?
26th July 2017
It does not matter what your business is called or what it does. Cyber criminals have long lists of IP addresses that they target in batches. They don’t know from the IP who you are or what you do but if you are on the list you will receive a phishing or ransomware email scam. ... read more>>

Is your IT security good enough to meet today's threats?
10th July 2017
Stopping all attacks may not be possible, but it is possible to take steps to minimise the risks by making it harder for the cyber-criminal to break-in. Budgets for IT security are steadily rising but there is only so far a SME can go. Costs are rising as the security software and equipment become more sophisticated, posing their own problems.... read more>>

Cyber Management By Objectives
29th June 2017
Management by objectives has always proved useful to my business. Like a daily to do list it helps focus on the key tasks of the day, week, month and year. I talk to a lot of people these days about cyber security and in response most remark on how worrying cybercrime is but always without saying what steps they are taking to address it. So what are businesses doing about it? Not a lot it seems. ... read more>>

Training - Plugging the Gap in Cyber Security
9th June 2017
Cyber-crime and security is being talked about almost every day, in the press, in offices up and down the country, and in Government circles. Many firms consider their office security to be strong yet cyber-crime continues to flourish. Why is that? Large organisations, some with huge IT budgets, have been victims of cyber-crime as are a growing number of SME’s. The cyber criminals have found a gap in their so-called ‘strong security’ and are exploiting it. Why is that?... read more>>

Be Careful...Be Very Careful
25th May 2017
The Wannacry virus attack earlier in the month gave a good demonstration of how poorly prepared some organisations are to deal with cybercrime attacks. Businesses all types were affected, including many with huge IT budgets. Although IT plays a part, most of the simpler steps required for better all-round cyber security are still not being taken. In the incident on May 12th and 13th the virus was hidden in an email attachment which when opened locked the victim out of their computer system until a ransom in Bit Coins was paid, by-passing IT security and onto the employees.... read more>>

A Well-designed Website is a great investment….
15th May 2017
Some spend the minimum, some spend too much and some find a Website designer who really knows what they are doing to design a fabulous looking Website that catches the attention of visitor enquirers, does well at Google, is a promotional tool staff are eager to use whilst being extremely useful to existing clients throughout the year.... read more>>

Cyber Awareness Training
19th April 2017
Even with the best security software that your IT budget permits your office network will be penetrated. One click of a rogue email by an employee to infect one or more workstation, allow hackers in, cause a data breach or even a cyber ransom. ... read more>>

Learn To Dance Before Going To The Ball
22nd March 2017
Now that everyone claims to know about the threats to their organisation from cybercrime, it is time they did something about addressing their vulnerabilities to it. Most businesses seem to have this task on their to-do-list but few have actually done anything.... read more>>

The Bureau – Renews Cyber Essentials Accreditation
13th March 2017
The Bureau has just applied for its Cyber Essentials Accreditation renewal for 2017 and successfully passed all the cyber and office security standards required by the Cyber Essentials Scheme.... read more>>

11 - 20 of 168
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