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Web Security – it is time to upgrade to https://
9th January 2018
At a time when every organisation must pay a lot more attention to the security of the personal data it holds, updating your Website to a secure https:// address is an essential action to take now.... read more>>

Important Changes, Regulations and Information for 2018
3rd January 2018
There are important changes to data protection legislation this year that will affect every organisation; there are no exceptions. Attention will need to be paid to Web, email and Domain services in 2018 as GDPR and the UK Government’s Data Protection Act 2018 come into force. Data protection is not just important from a compliance angle but also as part of the overall value of a business and its competitive edge. ... read more>>

Your Cybercrime Insurance Policy May Not Cover You For Social Engineering Fraud
6th December 2017
Cybercrime fraud caused by social engineering fraud may NOT be covered by cybercrime insurance. Social engineering is a tactic being increasingly used by the cyber criminals targeted at company employees that one would hope IS covered!... read more>>

Poor Security Persists at FTSE 100
30th November 2017
IT security vendor Anomali has just published a new security report showing the UK’s FTSE 100 companies have been subjected to over 439 suspicious Domain registrations this year, 2017. The Banking sector had the most with the Energy sector in second place.... read more>>

Expanding Your Online Presence
12th November 2017
At a time when most firms are keen to secure that elusive first page listing on Google, Bing and the others, The Bureau’s Insurance Broker Directory at is a good place to start.... read more>>

Secure Communications Becoming a Must
23rd October 2017
Email is the preferred method of communication for a lot of organisations; it is fast and efficient. It is also the method of deception chosen by cyber attackers.... read more>>

How Secure Are Your Data Back-ups?
20th September 2017
Having a viable data back-up/s is obviously important and what a firm will rely on in case their data becomes corrupt, is lost, stolen or held to ransom. Watch-out though, in the age of cyber-crime there are no guarantees.... read more>>

Cyber Security – Keeping Your Eye On The Ball
14th September 2017
Since cyber-crime is still evolving the techniques being used by the cyber criminals continue to develop making the task of mitigating the threats and our vulnerabilities an uphill struggle, resulting in some attacks slipping through a firm's usual cyber defences. Whilst those responsible for their firm's IT security are busy dealing with the current threats it is all too easy to miss the new and emerging ones, forcing them to always play catch-up.... read more>>

Social Media can say a lot about your brand and what it stands for
31st August 2017
With so much focus on ensuring our Facebook, Twitter or Linked In social media accounts are up-to-date with timely and interesting news and comments, it is all too easy to forget about how the pages look. ... read more>>

Cyber-crime and security talk goes down well with Leeds CII
23rd August 2017
The Bureau's Talk, ‘Ignorance is no defence’, is doing the rounds with the most recent talk given to Leeds CII at Leeds Town hall last month. About 90 brokers and insurers came along to hear more about cyber-crime and the threats posed to organisations in all business sectors, including the insurance industry.... read more>>

11 - 20 of 168
Congratulations to The Bureau who breezed through their annual recertification
1st June 2018
GDPR - I dare you to say it one more time!
24th May 2018
The Bureau speaks out at Insurance Age’s Cyber Security Summit
18th May 2018
Build a Cyber Security Cuture in Your Organisation
25th April 2018
Be Responsive
12th April 2018
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