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Be Careful...Be Very Careful
25th May 2017
The Wannacry virus attack earlier in the month gave a good demonstration of how poorly prepared some organisations are to deal with cybercrime attacks. Businesses all types were affected, including many with huge IT budgets. Although IT plays a part, most of the simpler steps required for better all-round cyber security are still not being taken. In the incident on May 12th and 13th the virus was hidden in an email attachment which when opened locked the victim out of their computer system until a ransom in Bit Coins was paid, by-passing IT security and onto the employees.
Without training employees are vulnerable, increasing the risks to the organisation. In the USA it is now a regulatory requirement to provide cyber training to staff; it has become a compliance matter. Associating cyber-crime attacks with IT, only, is a mistake. A growing number of incidents are Ransomware attacks sent through a normal looking email and made to look like a message from a colleague, client or supplier, to tempt you to "click".

It will have got through your server firewall because until opened it poses no threat. It went through the virus dectection software because until it is opened it poses no threat. Once it reaches a human, an employee, they will need to be vigilant, throughout the week, when they are busy, a little stressed with deadlines, meeting monthly targets. It will be hard and someone somewhere will make a mistake to cause their organisation serious business interruption.

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