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Training - Plugging the Gap in Cyber Security
9th June 2017
Cyber-crime and security is being talked about almost every day, in the press, in offices up and down the country, and in Government circles. Many firms consider their office security to be strong yet cyber-crime continues to flourish. Why is that? Large organisations, some with huge IT budgets, have been victims of cyber-crime as are a growing number of SME’s. The cyber criminals have found a gap in their so-called ‘strong security’ and are exploiting it. Why is that?

The answer is the ‘human factor’. Management and employees who each imagine they are smart enough to spot the email scams, the hacks and the ransomware denial of service attacks are turning-up to work in increasing numbers to discover their confidence was misplaced, and are now panicking about what to do next.

Cyber-crime is not just an IT matter. The cyber-criminals are by-passing the IT and going for the ‘humans’ using clever techniques and exploiting their naivety. Each day there are millions of clever phishing emails appearing to come from big branded names and well-known service providers and utility companies, each sent to tempt us to ‘click’ on the link or the attachment.

A single lapse in concentration could infect your office network to compromise the security of some or all the data held on it or even close it down altogether by denying access from screens to all files and facilities.


With suitable cyber awareness training most, if not all, of these vulnerabilities can be avoided. We need to be taught how not to be tempted by convincing emails and alert to their dangers. Our face to face cyber awareness course as well as remote tutorials and webinars deliver lasting benefits and plug the gap in cyber security to teach business owners and employees how to use their office technology safely and become its ‘human firewall’.


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