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Cyber Security - simple steps
14th August 2017
Twenty or so years ago most employees did not have a computer on their desk and they certainly did not have a mobile phone. Today both are the norm offering us all the ability to communicate with our work colleagues down the corridor to a client on the other side of the World. Until recently this amazing power has had few restrictions leaving employees to their own devices, so to speak.

Now that cyber-criminals are on the prowl, our work routines & behaviour need a little extra discipline. The discipline of using the office computer network & mobile phone devises safely.  

For many organisations this will require a cultural conversion that will take time. Undoing some of the casual practices performed by employees will require its own discipline.  The steps required are simple but require a management commitment to them and the persistence to see them established as norms.

Steps such as –

Routinely & automatically updating operating & application software systems.

Making computer user name logins & passwords strong with a routine to change them.

Encrypting all personal data files

The adoption of a formal & written Cyber Security Policy to include; how to use the office computer network safely, the rules on using mobile phone & storage devises, safe printing, & working from home security.

The nurturing of a cyber security culture amongst employees & not just the full-time IT staff, through office bulletins, notice board, screen savers, & staff meetings

Ensuring that all employees who use their own phones for work have sufficient anti-virus & back-up features including encryption.

Home working adopts the same security as when in the office.

Simple steps that will help protect your business.

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