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How Secure Are Your Data Back-ups?
20th September 2017
Having a viable data back-up/s is obviously important and what a firm will rely on in case their data becomes corrupt, is lost, stolen or held to ransom. Watch-out though, in the age of cyber-crime there are no guarantees.

Some ransomware attacks also corrupt and destroy “back-ups” The use of APIs (application programme interfaces) is a convenient way to upload and download data but this convenience has a price because the cyber criminals know this and will inject malware to corrupt them.

The other trick is the slow-burn ransomware attack where the attack starts but does not tell the victim until much later – weeks or months later. Meanwhile the victim has been happily doing their back-ups unaware that the ransomware infection has already begun, rendering their back-ups useless.

As the cyber criminals fine tune their methods so too must commercial organisations review theirs to ensure that they successfully side step these evolving cyber-attack techniques.

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