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Secure Communications Becoming a Must
23rd October 2017
Email is the preferred method of communication for a lot of organisations; it is fast and efficient. It is also the method of deception chosen by cyber attackers.

Encrypted email is a secure way to send and receive email communications, helping to eliminate identity theft and making a company’s email service, in and out of an office network, safer. Security breaches will damage any business and the penalties are on the rise. Encrypting outward-bound emails offers valuable added protection for an organisation, its clients and suppliers.

Email security has come a long way in recent years and encrypted services are growing in popularity. They are no longer the exception and being considered by an increasing number of organisations looking to improve their communications security and meet possible future regulatory compliance standards.

Emails can now be ‘designed’ to auto-encrypt when certain keywords in the Subject are used, such as Confidential or any other words chosen by the organisation. This may become the norm next year when GDPR in enforced, as it gives another layer of reliable security.

Extra security controls can be introduced to automatically encrypt, re-route or block emails if they do not comply with the company’s encryption policy. This automatically reduces the risk of genuine user error as well as malicious intent.

There are many email encryption services available and some are better than others, of course. Having the means to send encrypted emails to all platforms, whether on a desktop pc based email service,  tablets or mobile phones seems to be the way the forward for this kind of development and one The Bureau is now considering introducing to its own office network.

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