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100 Days to GDPR!
14th February 2018
From today, Valentines' Day, there are 100 days until the full implementation of GDPR - The General Data Protection Regulation.
What is considered Personal Data is now MUCH BROADER than before, including location data, IP addresses and social or cultural identity. This places greater responsibilities on any person and organisation collecting and recording this data. It also gives individuals many more rights over their data including rights over what organisations do with it which means organisations must have procedures in place if individuals exercise these rights.

The GDPR will also influence the way you deal with the third parties you use for your data processing and storage as they will become responsible for any breaches in the future, making it more important to ensure you are familiar with how and where your data is stored and protected.

Not surprisingly ONLINE DATA has greater prominence than in past data protection legislation and extar attention will need to be paid to your Website and online marketing.

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