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GDPR and e-Privacy Regulations - Consent
12th March 2018
Under GDPR rules and those of the forthcoming e-Privacy Regulations individuals should be given the means to opt-in and out of personal data collection. In a Website context this means that any enquiry, quotation request or similar form needs to include a Tick box for the individual to Consent (opt-in) to their personal data being collected.

If your Website has an interactive form that is capable of collecting personal data from a company or individuals, you must now include some sort of tick box to allow the company or private individuals to Consent to you having their personal data. It is also good to include a link to your Privacy Policy to remind them how you will use their data.

Alongside the Tick Box suitable text needs to be displayed saying something like … I consent to having ABC Insurance Brokers Limited collect my details to send me information and or an insurance quotation.           

Click here to view our Privacy Policy…

It is always better to be ahead of the game and so having your Website forms updated BEFORE they have to be will go down well with customers, the regulatory authorities and Google.

Don’t forget about your Website it is one of the most important parts of your business offering and must reflect your compliance with these forthcoming data protection regulations.  


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