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Be Responsive
12th April 2018
Over the past 24 months or so a lot has been happening in Web design and marketing that I feel is worth exploring with you. Every business has its reasons for having a Website; usually to help promote their services, sometimes to trade online and occasionally to do both. Until recently these were all designed for desktop PC screens but the introduction of mobile friendly or ’Responsive’ Web designs is having a profound effect on how we use Websites and is today’s default design choice.

New ‘start-ups’ ‘Responsive’ Web design is the the norm, giving them the best start for their brand new online presence. Let’s not forget that for ‘start-ups’ publishing a Website often comes before letterhead and literature, even an office sometimes. It is a crucial first step. Today’s Web visitors, private and commercial, expect top quality and highly professional looking designs. Big imagery, eye-catching graphics, short succinct text, and go-to action buttons.

Older established firms will need to watch-out for their new start-up rivals who are publishing high quality and multi-functional Websites every day. At a time when people are spending more time online, what better way to showcase your firm, its work and services, than through a Website. There is nothing else like it.

Every organisation wants to create a good first and lasting impression of its work and service, to impress new users as well as long standing clients. The single most popular way to check-out an organisation is through their Website and statistics clearly show that companies and private individuals are doing this in greater numbers than ever before.

Since a Website visit may be the first and last time the enquirer sees the look and feel of the business, it makes sense to give a good first impression. It may be the only way the enquirer can compare one firm with another.


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