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Build a Cyber Security Cuture in Your Organisation
25th April 2018
Last year was yet another record year for cyber-crime, when more malware, malicious IPs, Websites, and mobile apps were discovered than in any previous year. It comes as no surprise that cyber-crime continues to thrive, as the criminals become technically smarter and with little or no chance of being caught.

Management and employees who each imagine they are smart enough to spot the email scams, the hacks and the ransomware denial of service attacks are turning-up to work to discover their confidence was misplaced.

Cyber-crime is not just an IT matter. The cyber-criminals are by-passing the IT and going for the ‘humans’ using clever techniques to exploit their naivety and curiosity. Cyber security is an organisation wide issue in which every employee plays their part in protecting the business from data breaches and financial fraud.

Almost all cyber-crime continues to be the result of human error. A single lapse in concentration when using the office email system could infect an entire office network to compromise the security of some or their data, even close it down altogether by denying access to all files and facilities.

Most organisations consider cyber security to be an IT matter that is dealt with by software and other security systems. It plays a part, but every employee has their own part to play also. Everyone has a responsibility to the organisation to keep it safe by learning to use the office IT safely and build a safety-first culture.

There is a growing array of online cyber tutorials, videos, webinars as well as classroom training to help build a cyber security culture in your organisation. In future business owners and employees will understand the threats and how to protect their organisation effectively and become its ‘human firewall’.


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