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The Bureau speaks out at Insurance Age’s Cyber Security Summit
18th May 2018
The insurance magazine Insurance Age hosted a Cyber Security Summit towards the end of last month at which The Bureau’s Alastair Murray spoke about the perils of cyber-crime and what SME’s can do to mitigate the threats.

The Summit began with Jamie Woodruff, Europe’s number one hacker, reviewing the current cyber-crime scene with a focus on the mechanics of Social Engineering.

Following this the subject, “Getting to grips with cyber. What do you need to know”, was discussed by a panel of experts with Jonathan Swift, Content Director at Insurance Age and Post, Danielle Meldrum, Head of Project Development Commercial Lines at Aviva, Alastair Murray, Director at The Bureau, Andrew Jenkins, Operational Director Russell Scanlan Brokers, and Ian Bird, Director, solutions architects Europe, Middle East and Africa, Cyence.

The panel discussed why it was that so many SMEs still thought they were not a cyber-crime target and seemed oblivious to the threats of cyber-crime on the ongoing viability of their organisations. With so much press coverage focussed on all the data-breaches at multi-national corporations, SME felt relatively secure.

Alastair Murray said, " The snag is that there is far too much use of acronyms and general techno-babble so business isn’t listening. A bit more plain English would go a long way to helping organisations actually understand what they are up against."

The word 'Cyber' was considered not helpful as it strongly suggested that the whole issue was an IT one which it is not. With more emphasis on ‘data security and protection’ organisations could begin to understand the subject and envisage what each needs to do.

The publication of more case studies of cyber-breach incidents was suggested as a good way to help everyone understand the effect of a cyber-attack and the sorts of remedial actions typically required. Since these will nearly always include expensive forensics, legal and client communications, each clearly demonstrates the likely consequences. Taking steps to be better prepared BEFORE a cyber-attack is highly recommended, or as Alastair Murray put it, "Learn to dance before you go to the ball!"

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The Bureau speaks out at Insurance Age’s Cyber Security Summit
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