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GDPR - I dare you to say it one more time!
24th May 2018
For the past month email accounts have been inundated with requests to "Opt-In", "Let's keep in touch", We don't want to lose you", "Please don't go", "Time is running out" etc etc. Some have made the process simple, whilst others have, well, just made it plain complicated.

The Bureau has contributed to the influx of inbound emails with information about making your Website GDPR compliant, and more. We have highlighted the key changes concerning Consent for Website forms, Privacy Policies or Notices as well as TOBA and the recommendation that clients upgrade their standard http:// browser address to a secure https:// browser address and SSL Certificate. Almost every client has now upgraded to a secure https:// address.

Time will tell what happens after tomorrow, but I am sure that our clients and their clients have done enough, and if they haven’t, will be gently nudged in the right direction in the coming weeks.

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