Cyber Security…ignorance is no defence

Cyber Security Awareness Training for management and staff

Over the past 24 months The Bureau has been busy developing a range of cyber security services for its clients to form its Cyber Security Awareness Programme.

The prime aim of the programme is to educate and train management and staff to become cyber-crime and fraud resilient through cyber awareness training. By making cyber-security a priority, your organisation can become better able to protect its IT, data, staff, reputation, and future success.

The Bureau has chosen KnowBe4 to be its cyber security awareness training partner. Recognized as a Leader in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness Computer-Based Training, Knowbe4 has become the world's fastest-growing company within the cyber security awareness training market, enabling employees to make smarter security decisions within their organisations using world-class training and simulated phishing to improve their security posture and mitigate risk.

A high proportion of cyber-attacks still rely on employees inadvertently opening or downloading malware within an office network, causing a ransomware incident, a phishing fraud, or an undetected hack.

Article 32 of the GDPR legislation stipulates business owners and managers should have a process to test, assess and evaluate the effectiveness of current IT and cyber security management controls. The Financial Conduct Authority, Solicitors Regulatory Authority and the ICO each have similar stipulations to demonstrated firms are compliant.

Subscribing to a comprehensive security awareness training programme is currently the most effective and least expensive way to protect your business from cyber and data fraud.

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Motivational training at your desk personalised to your role

The KnowBe4 training platform is user friendly, intuitive and offers commercial organisations of all sizes an affordable way to access highly effective cyber awareness training conveniently in the office, on the job, on the office network using continuous learning programmes.

By training employees to become your ‘human firewall’ you massively reduce the likelihood of having a damaging Ransomware and/or Phishing attack.

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