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Cyber Security Workshop Programme

Over the past 24 months The Bureau has been busy developing a range of cyber security services for its clients to form its Cyber Security Workshop Programme.

The prime aim of the programme is to educate and train clients and other firms to become cyber-crime and fraud resilient through cyber-crime and security talks, cyber awareness training, system audits and testing. By making cyber-security a priority, all firms will become better able to guard their IT systems and staff, their business reputation, standing and future success, and less vulnerable to cyber-crime, fraud and extortion.

The Bureau offers its clients and their clients the opportunity to join its Cyber Security Workshop Programme and benefit from the range of cyber talks and training courses delivered by industry experts. One of the most popular courses is the Cyber Awareness Course that is designed to teach employees how to use IT more safely, at work and at home, by having a greater appreciation of the cyber threats they face.

The 4 hour/half day course can be tailored to suit your needs but typically includes the agenda below:

Session 1 Foundations
1 Define well known terms related to cyber security. Threat, vulnerability, risk & asset.
2 Consider examples of assets, their value and how they are protected.
3 Vulnerability Categories. Opportunity to consider some of the categories and actual examples of what may be present.
Session 2 Social Engineering
4 Removing the myths from what Social Engineering is and presenting the issues and practice you should really worry about.
Scenario to consider and discuss.
5 Phishing, Spear Phishing & Ransomware.
Session 3 Malware & The Gang
6 Looking at Malware and identifying what it is and what it is not.
Session 4 3P's Policy, Procedure and Practic
7 Consider how the organisation protects its data. What employees know and are told about email, IT security and their contractual obligations.

Book a Cyber Security Talk for staff or clients

Train your staff to be your ‘Human Firewall’!

Cyber criminals will by-pass security technology and head for your employees and expose them to highly sophisticated phishing attacks. Cyber Awareness training will make them more resilient to this, protecting them and your organisation.

Other Cyber Courses

  • Keep Your Humans Safe - Cyber Byte Course
  • Safe Social Media - Cyber Byte Course
  • Understanding Your Responsibilities under GDPR

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